Website Design

A Professional and Dynamic Impression from the Start!

Each visitor that arrives on your website will immediately make a judgement about your overall company based on the look and feel of your website alone!. As more and more customers are using the web to find businesses, this is typically the first time they will see or read about your company. DBD.NET fully understands the enormous importance of visual appeal combined with quality content. To date, DBD.NET has created thousands of high quality websites in a variety of fields with the specific goal of bringing more business to our clients. We have spent hundreds of thousands on Research and Development to ensure that the websites you choose from or have us design bring increase your bottom line. Additionally, we are capable of replicating any website on the Internet for our clients at fraction of what the original owner paid for the website.

The visual impact of a website is frequently reported by consumers as the primary reason why they chose to further review the content of the website. Therefore, a focus needs to be on a high quality visual appeal because without this, the consumer never reads your content, understands your business or calls you. The key to an appealing visual website is a combination of high resolution slideshows, crisp color selections, outstanding images and smart page layouts. Our highly experienced team of designers energetically blend these elements together resulting in a visually appealing website with robust and persuasive content.

Business Website Design

Thousands of businesses nationwide have utilized DBD.NET for our successful template and custom designs. Business success demands top quality in all aspects of your presentation. DBD.NET has been able to deliver quality at an absolute bargain. Our client list ranges from Attorneys, Doctors, CPAs, Dentists, of all types to insurance companies, E-commerce companies, Construction, Landscaping, Quilting, Business Brokers etc. It has been an honor and a testament of our success to maintain long term, close and personal relationships with the thousands of clients we service which has resulted in a substantial percentage of referrals and repeat patronage.

Extremely Low Cost

We believe in providing enormous value to our many clients and because we have one of the most experienced and professional staffs in the world we pass the savings onto our clients. There is no other company that provides the quality of websites that we provide for our clients at a lower cost complete with nearly 24/7 customer service.

DBD.NET begins the process of delivering the website best for your business with personalized communication. We have built thousands of websites and there are millions of websites to choose elements from in order to create that perfect website for your business. Choosing from our samples, or any website on the Internet and customizing the website to fit your needs will save you thousands of dollars while not sacrificing the quality.

New Website Every Two Years

Additionally with our "New Every Two" website program, your website is never outdated because we constantly provide updates for our clients websites and then provide a completely new design once every two years. You have the option to upgrade your website or leave it the way it is. Additionally, DBD.NET provides top quality hosting, maintenance and online promotion of your website to ensure that your business is a success.

Some of the steps in our design and promotion process are as follows:

  • Our team is highly trained to understand your businesses needs by asking specific questions about your business and understanding your overall online marketing strategy.
  • We are able to show you sample websites that companies have paid tens of thousands of dollars for all of which are available for your business at a bargain.
  • Each of our websites has the ability to be updated fully by our clients. We provide full training showing how you can make updates. We are also available to make all updates for you.
  • Your feedback is imperative as we want each website to reflect the essence of your business.
  • Basing a website off samples saves you thousands and these websites are proven to be optimal for search engine optimization.
  • Each website is custom hand coded by DBD.NET which ensures 1) Fast website loading for your website, 2) maximum use of server performance and 3) a website that works flawlessly on all browsers.

All website design work is performed in-house in the United States of America and not outsourced. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer support and satisfaction.

Customer Service

Your In-house IT, Web Design and Internet Marketing Staff

DBD.NET provides exceptionally high quality websites including customer service at a fraction of the price. Our proven track record ensures that your business will be successful online and that your company's first impression will lead to more interaction between your company and the customer. Read more about some of the services we offer and if you have any questions, please contact us anytime.