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SEO involves properly building a brand with exceptional content and a profound user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is generally defined as including any activity or set of activities designed to get business from the organic or natural search results in a search engine. A successful SEO plan involves a tedious and meticulous approach beginning with a properly constructed website, consistent unique content and naturally built inbound links.

Website Architecture

Every website built by DBD.NET starts with a solid foundation or architecture to build on. Each website is meticulously created with the intention of making that website rank well. From proper title text to proper url's each addition whether that be done by client or DBD.NET is all built on a perfect SEO foundation. With the foundation in place, it is necessary to build on that foundation with quality content.

Your Website's Content is King!

Search Engine Optimization truly starts and ends with the foundation and content of the website. Writing unique quality content with the intention of informing and attracting clients is one of the best ways to increase your website's ranking combined with a good link building strategy. Each search engine including Google crawls billions of web pages each week indexing the content through a complex algorithm in order to determine which websites are most relevant and authoritative to deliver at the top of the rankings. While their a series of factors that factor into this, content and link building are the most important parts.

Link Building is Essential to Top Rankings

Link building is and will continue to be the single most important factor in a website's ranking. Link building is the process of acquiring one way inbound links with a diversified anchor text. The search engines read each one of these links as a vote for your website as the authority for a particular search word term. At a simple level, the more votes you have, the higher you will be ranked.

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of a professionally constructed website, however your website's message must be designed to convert visitors into clients or customers. Your website must communicate a strong and persuasive message and should not be "Over-Optimized" with content that is not designed to provide the end user with a benefit. Internet users and the search engines are getting smarter and smarter with what they deem relevant and authoritative websites. Those deemed authoritative and relevant users will spend a longer time perusing and thus their bounce rate will be lower which increased a website's ranking.

The key to a high ranking website that converts is a good foundation, quality content and good links. You will have more business than you can handle when these factors are all in place. At DBD.NET, we follow all ethical tactics and perform the service the proper way as is imperative for long term effective Search Engine Optimization. We assure you that if you stay the course and stay involved with us, an increase in your rankings, customers, clients and revenue will follow.