Advertising Solutions

Search Targeting

Have your ads show directly in front of customers who are searching for your keyword terms.

Each day people search on Google, Yahoo! or Bing to find the products and services your business offers. At DBD.NET, we display your ads in front of these people and bring them to your website. We are able to do this through a process called search targeting and it is imperative to the success of your online marketing strategy. Search Targeting will boost the awareness of your brand, help you find new customers, convert customers away from your competition and boost your return on investment.

How It Works

Search Targeting works because we can display advertising that is precisely in line with what people are searching for. For example, if you sale widgets, and someone searches widgets in Google, we can serve your widget advertisement to the consumer on websites he visits throughout the Internet. The click through rates are extremely high and the conversion rates even higher. If the consumer doesn't buy on his visit to your website we can retarget that consumer and bring him back to your website to convert. You control the audience and your traffic.

The Effect On Your Business

DBD.NET's Search Targeting utilizes search profiles from Google, Yahoo! and Bing to directly advertise to potential customers who have never visited your website, but show a definite interest in your products or services based on the keywords they have searched. The results from Search Targeting are very clear.

Find New Customers

Bring new visitors to your site who are searching for your product or service.

Fix Leaks in your SEM

By targeting keywords, you have a second opportunity beyond search engine marketing to find your exact customers.

Get the Most Out of Your Media Spend

Search Retargeting focuses on the intent of potential customers, so you only buy media that targets specific consumers.

Boost Brand Awareness

Put your message in front of only those individuals most relevant to you.