Our Platform


Our Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform has the largest advertising reach in the world.

In terms of advertising volume, our system has access to over 30 BILLION impressions every day.

Audience Targeting

With our audience targeting and depth of impressions, you have direct access to information from over 750 million people from 21 data providers and this database continues to grow everyday.

Additionally, you have instant access to over 22,000 detailed audience segments and growing every day. Data is based on Search, Social, Interest, Behavioral, Demographical, Transactional, and In-the-market-intent.

You can combine multiple pieces of data to pinpoint your precise perfect customers. As an example of how incredibly detailed you can get with your Audience Targeted advertising, you could realistically setup a campaign to only advertise to women, married, who havea master's degree, drink wine and coffee, drive a Mercedes and live in the zip code 90210.

We have access to the following Ad Exchanges

  • AdConductor

  • AdJug

  • AdMeld

  • Adscale

  • AppNexus

  • Casale

  • Criteo

  • Facebook Exchange

  • Google AdX

  • Improve Digital

  • Lifestreet

  • Microsoft Advertising Exchange

  • NexAge

  • OpenX

  • PubMatic

  • PulsePoint

  • Right Media Exchange (RTB)

  • Rubicon

  • Specific Media

  • Yahoo Partner Sites