Our Platform


The DBD.NET Platform is used by thousands of the worlds small, medium and large businesses to launch highly effective data-driven advertising campaigns.

The DBD.NET Platform combines the data management capabilites of a Demand Management Platform (DMP) with the media-buying capabilities of a Demand Side Platform (DSP) for all budget levels or managed by the DBD.NET Internet Marketing Agency.

What can DBD.NET and the DBD.NET Platform do for you?

Programmatic Media Buying

  • Launch display, mobile and video campaigns across every major source of real time bidding (RTB) inventory.
  • Use RTB algorithms to automatically fine-tune your campaign to meet your goal
  • Target your precise consumer on an impression level making sure that none of your advertising dollars are wasted

Multi-Goal Conversion Tracking

  • Monitor multiple goals on your website including purchases, downloads, phone calls and form submits
  • Test different landing pages, offers and ads to determine which ones convert best
  • Drive traffic to highest converting offers and increase profits

Advanced Reporting & Optimization

  • View and download reports quickly and easily
  • Access advanced optimization options like budget pacing and weekly scheduling and know exactly how your campaigns are performing
  • See impressions, clicks, conversions and refine your program to produce the best outcome

Professional Support and Campaign Management

  • Highly experienced staff handles all aspects of your campaign for top optimization
  • Staff can build creatives, banners, landing pages, websites
  • Frequent conference calls to understand the data and maximize your profits