How do I make money?

As a reseller you are the owner of your Private Label. You will be signing and managing your own client list.

You can offer:

Retargeting: bring back those visitor to a website who didn't take the required action, make a purchase, sign up for a subscription etc.

Site Targeting: create a listing of only those sites you want your clients banners to be displayed upon

Or, those websites you wish them to be Blacklisted from being shown on

Geo Targeting: target visitors who live in or exclude those who live in Countries, States, Cities or in the US, specific Zip Codes

Contextual Targeting: target your visitors as they are viewing content online that is relevant to the product you are marketing. Show your banners selling sporting goods to a viewer reading an article about baseball, football or any sport of your choice

Audience (3rd Party Data) Targeting: Purchase an audience from one of our industry leading partners who comprise the exact audience you are targeting

Auto-Optimization Targeting: uses prospecting, the process by which the ClickCertain Brain learns how different impressions perform for each Campaign and data that is important for that specific Campaign. This is accomplished by utilizing a small portion of the budget at the start of your Campaign to go towards sampling impressions in a certain way with a goal of educating the Brain. Once this has been completed, as a rule, the Brain has enough data to provide highly accurate predictions on the value of a bid.

All of these targeting Group strategies will drive traffic to your clients website.

These marketing tools can work in conjunction with any other tools you or they might be utilizing at the time. You can also offer them in addition to other services you provide.

As a Reseller, there are a number of videos, documents and marketing tools at your disposal to aid you as you build your clientele. The following link will take you to the information available within the Reseller section of our website: