Advertising Solutions

Conversion Optimization

You are in business to make money and you must convert as many visitors as possible to paying customers. Our conversion optimization techniques help you achieve higher conversions and greater profits.

The Internet is not just another marketing channel it's the primary laboratory for conducting research.

Improving your website's conversions and profits begins with examining the metrics on your particular website. how many visitors do you have to your website each month? How many pages are they viewing? What pages are they visiting on your website? What percentage of these visitors become customers? These are extremely important in determining your current conversion rate through which you can determine the return on investment or (ROI) of your online marketing campaigns.

From there it is a matter of testing a variety of landing pages, creatives and banner ads to determine which pages, ads, and creatives convert at the highest percentage. Every visitor to your website is distinct and is at a different point in the buy cycle or conversion funnel. It is our job to take them from where they currently are to where they want to go. Where they want to go is convert and become a paying customer.

We examine closely each stage of the buying cycle and deliver custom tailored advertisements to each member at their current stage. This alleviates any friction and / or anxiety they have and leads to increased conversions.