Advertising Solutions

Behavioral / Look-alike Targeting

DBD.NET enables you to create a profile (or multiple profiles) of your dream customers and have your advertising message only displayed to them.

As your customers travel through the Internet they build an in-depth profile. Though each customer is unique, they also share a variety of common characteristics. Discovering these similarities is the key to finding new customers. DBD.NET's Behavioral / Look-alike Targeting performs the tedious task of identifying these shared traits and then delivers your businesses ads to the people who look like your current customers.

Behavioral / Look-alike Targeting will:

  • Find new customers and drive sales
  • Target highly similar prospects to your existing customer base
  • Increase visitors and brand awareness
  • Convert a greater percentage of visitors into paying customers

How do we do it?

Capture & Enrich Your Data

DBD.NET not only captures every conversion on your site—we also develop a profile of each converter. By layering additional data (i.e. behavior and demographic details), we learn more about what makes your current converters tick, and how to best find and target new potential customers.

Create a Converter Profile

By uncovering and analyzing the traits shared by your current online customers, we create a Converter Profile—a list of characteristics that reflects what your current clients have in common. Using that list, we can target a fresh, similar audience made up of people most likely to convert to customers.

Find your Look-alike Audience

The Converter Profile we create is run against all 300+ million of our user profiles (excluding current customers, of course). The result is a precise audience segment containing a small, but very targetable group of users.

Test & Target

We test your target audience using historical data to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. Because your audience is always changing and evolving, a feedback loop automatically refines the look-alike model to make sure you’re targeting the most up-to-date version of your audience.

Custom Audience Builder (CAB)

  • As stated above, every person who surfs the Internet has an in-depth and highly detailed personal profile. This unique profile is built by collecting data that is delivered from both online and offline activity including, Search, Interest, Social, Behavioral, Demographical, Transactional, and In-market data. Using this data, the Custom Audience Builder or CAB accurately learns how to define and then locate your dream customers or ideal prospects. For example, if 1,000 people land on your website and 10 of those people buy your product, those 10 buyers would be profiled by the CAB as your Ideal Prospects. Using the profile criteria of your "ideal prospects", the CAB will only display your banner ads to other web browsers who have very similar or look a like profiles to your ideal Prospects.
  • You can clearly determine the exact type of website action you consider to be a beneficial or successful transaction and have the CAB construct your ideal prospect profile based on the exact people who take the specific action that you want them to take (a "success").

This may possibly include the following:

- Completing a specific financial transaction such as buying a product or service
- Completing a lead generation form
- Subscribing to your newsletter
- Downloading a free document such as an ebook, free report, or white paper
- Signing up for a company webinar
- Signing up for a service demo or product demo

  • You can specifically determine your target audience based on which customers have already purchased or signed up and then scale it up from there.
  • The CAB can optimize for both CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per action). CPA is when an individual takes a specific action within your website such as completes your lead gen form, makes a purchase, subscribes to your email list, etc.
  • The CAB works seamlessly in real-time and computes the value of each impression and then bids the correct price within a network of over 30 Billion impressions daily (the largest impression count in the business---which immediately gives your business more opportunities to reach your ideal prospect).
  • With the CAB there will be no missed opportunities for your business. The CAB automatically bids the correct price so no opportunities to get your message in front of your perfect audience are missed (note: the ideal or perfect audience is determined by what you deem a success is).
  • The CAB's unique and innovative campaign-specific bidding algorithms evolve around the performance of your custom campaigns. The CAB learns and understands what is effective and what is ineffective (spend, time of day, type of banners) in order to generate the most cost-effective and highest converting media placements. This will increase your ROI and website's conversions.
  • The longer your distinct campaigns run, the more accurate they will become. This fact leads to higher quality and targeted traffic, more sales and more profits. Each time a transaction occurs at your website, the profile of that customer is inputted to the algorithm to fine tune the ideal customer profile. This allows the CAB to continue to learn over the duration of time to generate the highest targeted and most cost effective advertising placements specifically based on how well any particular person matches your perfect prospect profile. The result will be a significant reduction in advertising costs by eliminating unnecessary impression spend.

Important Note: The CAB is an enormously powerful tool which will give you a strong competitive advantage over your competition, however the CAB demands smart marketing to work effectively. This is not a set it and forget it system. The CAB is not capable of accurately auto optimizing if bad marketing decisions are being performed with how you setup your DBD.NET target market criteria, the message being displayed on your banner ads, and how you display your sales products, messages and services at your website. Sending the ideal prospects to your website is only valuable if you have a website/landing page that is able to convert and present the value of your product or service and get people to take action. We will work with you to ensure that this is taken care of.

How DBD.NET provides you with the most powerful Internet Advertising platform in the world

  • At DBD.NET you will no longer have missed opportunities: DBD.NET has the largest and most comprehensive advertising reach in the world. Our system has access to over 30 Billion banner ad impressions each and every day. Our closest competitor only has access to 4 Billion banner ad impressions. Our exclusive access to 26 Billion MORE banner ad impressions will give you the most opportunities by fare to reach your ideal prospects.
  • DBD.NET will enhance your audience targeting and build custom consumer audiences by using highly detailed 3rd party data. Our company has access to nearly every person who uses the Internet. In the United States alone, DBD.NET has a database of well over 300 million people and 750 Million people worldwide. Using this enormous database, we include your target market criteria (Search, Interest, Social, Behavioral, Demographical, Transactional and In-the-market-intent) and hone in the database to your ideal target market so you only advertise directly to your precise customers and you do not waste additional money on advertising to the wrong people.
  • DBD.NET will classify your customers so that your clear marketing message is a perfect match to each of your ideal markets. This process will generate substantial new customers for you as well as an extremely better return on your advertising investment.

It is time to stop wasting your advertising dollars by a shotgun approach and delivering those ads to the wrong people. Starting today you have access to the most innovative and advanced platform ever developed. By using DBD.NET, you will get your marketing message in front of the most precise target market (or markets) for your service or product. You will see a substantial increase in conversions and you will save money on marketing and advertising because you are now only directly advertising to your ideal and perfect target market and not wasting any marketing dollars placing your marketing message in front of the wrong people.