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Audience Retargeting

Retargeting brings visitors back to your website and turns them into buyers.

Studies show that 2% of online shoppers convert on their first visit to an e-commerce store or business. Retargeting successfully brings back the other 98% of customers who have already shown an interest in your business. Retargeting works by keeping track of people who come to your website and then displaying your custom retargeting ads to them when they visit other websites on the Internet.

How Does Retargeting Work?

A visitor comes to your site and receives a tracking cookie.
They learn about your products but leave before purchasing.
DBD.NET displays your ads on sites they visit later, bringing them back to buy.

We place a pixel in the footer of your visitor's website. This tag creates a precise list of people that have visited your website by placing anonymous retargeting "cookies" in their browser. This exclusive list allows DBD.NET to display your retargeting ads to your potential customers as they visit other websites on the Internet. Because DBD.NET works with the largest ad exchanges, we can retarget to your customers online just about anywhere they may go.

Why Is Retargeting So Effective?

Right People

People who have already visited your website are specifically targeted

Right Places

People can be retargeted in specific geographic locations

Right Ads

People are shown ads based on pages they viewed on your website

Retargeting produces greater online sales because it keeps your brand in front of the window shoppers which brings them back when they are ready to buy. Each time your customer views your retargeting ads, your brand gains more recognition and more traction. The extremely high click through rates and improved conversions are standard with retargeting campaigns and underscore the immense value of repeated exposure and good branding.

Retargeting Best Practices

Retargeting is always the most effective when you segment your visitors (eg. people who looked for shirts vs. pants) and then tailor the retargeting ads shown to each group, or not retarget certain groups at all (eg. people who already purchased.)

Retargeting creative campaigns always perform best when there is a clear call to action and the promotion of an offer.

Lastly, different products and services demand different retargeting time windows. Eg. people shopping for luxury goods should be retargeted later, however people shopping for travel should be retargeted immediately.)

The main problem with Internet marketing is that 98% (or more) of your business website's visitors leave your website without taking the desired action that you were hoping for. This action could be buying your service or product, subscribing to your newsletter or contacting you through a lead generation form.

Retargeting is the most cost effective form of display advertising

With DBD.NET's retargeting software, you can now successfully advertise to 100% of the potential customers who visit your business website AFTER they have left your website. Further, you can keep advertising to this target market for as long as you want and as many times as you want. This DBD.NET retargeting will create a very reliable and permanent stream of consistent traffic to your website every day.

Through the use of DBD.NET's innovative retargeting technology, each and every person that visits your website is quickly and automatically added to your retargeting database. This database is known as your audience. This process allows you to easily and quickly build a substantial audience of targeted dream prospects that you can directly advertise to over and over again with very inexpensive and highly targeted banner advertising.

The DBD.NET retargeting software automatically and seamlessly places a simple retargeting cookie (pixel) in a visitor's website browser. It's not spyware or malware, however it is just a simple code that allows banner ads, not pop up ads, but banner ads to be shown on websites where the website owner profits and allows the ads. It is 100% legal and thousands of large, fortune 500 companies are already using this type of marketing because it is highly successful.

Retargeting is the future of advertising and it is just beginning to be accessible to small and medium sized businesses. The sooner you start using this technology to construct your private, ideal targeted audience, the greater competitive advantage you will have far and above your competition.

DBD.NET's Retargeting Software will increase your profits and help grow your business in dozens of ways including:

  1. DBD.NET automatically builds for you a very reliable and permanent stream of consistent traffic that you control in the form of an ideal audience database.
  2. DBD.NET consistently drives your lost visitors back to your business website to ensure increased conversions by giving your visitors from the past additional opportunities to convert and buy your product and/or service
  3. DBD.NET has a 98% chance of being able to place your highly converting banner ads on the websites that your previous visitors have viewed because DBD.NET is connected to 98% of all the Internet advertising inventory currently available.
  4. DBD.NET was founded in 1998 and is an industry leader in online marketing servicing thousands of clients worldwide. We build familiarity and trust for your company and brand through the substantial power of advertising repetition. Repetition is the number one way to effectively build brand recognition and to successfully convert "tire kickers" into purchasers. This is the case because most people have to see an advertising or marketing message at least 8-10 times prior to making a buying decision. This is the primary reason why large companies consistently advertise over and over...forever. These companies know that people must see their advertisements over and over in order to effectively convert them into paying customers.
  5. Affordable branding. For the first time ever, small and medium companies can afford branding formerly only offered to large companies with big budgets. Retargeting will keep your companies message fresh in their minds. This way, when they have finally become ready to buy, they will choose YOU instead of your competition. A primary rule regarding advertising is, "Out of sight is out of mind." If your target market of ideal customers is not consistently seeing your advertising message over and over, every day and every month, year to year, your ideal customer will quickly forget about you. This is why the most successful companies never stop advertising to their target market or ideal customers. These companies know that as soon as they stop their marketing plans their target market will quickly forget about them and switch to purchase form a competitor that is advertising.
  6. DBD.NET permits your company to run different types of banner ads to precisely match your retargeting audience's segments and interests. For example, we can create a banner for your business that offers 20% off to the people in your retargeting database who specifically abandoned your shopping cart, and you can show them the precise product they were viewing on your site in your banner ads.
  7. DBD.NET immediately increases your return on investment for ALL of your online advertising. You will be able to profit and leverage from the traffic that you have already paid for from other advertising and marketing sources. Instead of losing all of the ideal customers who go to your business website without taking your desired action, you will now be building an audience database that you can advertise effectively to over and over forever.
  8. Your company will appear omnipresent throughout the Internet which will give your company a more trustworthy and bigger feel because your banner ads will be seen throughout 98% of the websites your retargeting customer visits
  9. DBD.NET allows you to drive your ideal audience traffic to any distinct website you choose. This can be achieved by site A to A, site A to B, site A to C, etc. You own your audience database outright and you are free to send your own traffic to any website you choose including affiliate websites.
  10. DBD.NET will ensure that your sales marketing message is in front of your ideal audience as many times as you wish. You can have your audience see your banners 5 times each day or have them see your ads 15 times each day. You decide how often your target market sees your ads.
  11. With DBD.NET's innovative retargeting software your business will never run out of people to directly market to.
  12. With DBD.NET your business never again has to worry about Google updates and the devastation it may cause to your business rankings.
  13. DBD.NET will ensure that you can stop being dependent on Google for your traffic. You will now be able to control your traffic stream through your retargeting audience database.
  14. DBD.NET will increase your traffic, website conversions and business profits. It is a fact that people who return to your website after seeing your retargeting banner ads are up to 5 times more likely to buy from you
  15. DBD.NET's retargeting service costs a tiny fraction of what the competition charges. This is why DBD.NET continues to expand in the small to medium sized business marketplace.

If you are currently not retargeting, you are leaving a substantial amount of money on the table because you are specifically missing out on easily converting a large percentage of the visitors who did not purchase the first time they visited your business website. If you are not putting all of these people into your business audience database for retargeting then you are throwing away 98%+ of the people who have shown a genuine interest in buying what you sell or offer.

Maximize your leads, sales and profits by using DBD.NET's Retargeting Software

Each day that you do not engage in retargeting you are losing money from people you could have attracted back to your website to purchase your product. Additionally, you are missing out on constructing a massive audience database exclusive to your business that will become your personal goldmine for converting new customers and further building out your brand.

Retargeting is the most powerful tool in online advertising available for constructing an audience database of every person who has come to visit your website. Retargeting allows you advertise to these people over and over as long as you want. There is no other advertising channel that will generate the sales conversions and the ROI you can get from the DBD.NET services.

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