Our Private Label program allows you to sell Retargeting and Audience targeted Traffic through your own Private Label / Business.

Retargeting and Audience Targeted Traffic is where search engine optimization adwords were at their inception. Not too long ago you could get top 5 Google ranking with less than 25 back links pointing to your website. Knowing what you know now, you would have done anything you have could to rank more websites and make millions, however that opportunity is gone. Additionally, when adwords first began you could get 5 cent clicks for highly competitive keywords. Imagine if you had that opportunity again. You would make a fortune paying only 5 cents per click to send targeted people to your website. That opportunity is also gone.

Retargeting and Audience Targeting are at their inception and DBD.NET's Reseller Program for Retargeting and Audience Targeted Traffic provides you with the biggest opportunity in the last 10 years.

You may have missed out making millions from selling cheap SEO services and also missed out on cheap PPC traffic, but the biggest opportunity is just beginning. Becoming a reseller for DBD.NET's Retargeting and Global Traffic Buying Platform is lucrative opportunity that is available to you now and provides tremendous value to your clients. The opportunity is much bigger than selling PPC and SEO was 10 years ago and had you been involved in PPC and SEO at the beginning you would be a millionaire right now.

this market is wide open because this is a new technology and there is almost zero competition. However, similar to PPC and SEO as retargeting and Audience Targeting increases in popularity similar to SEO and PPC, competition will grow which will drive down the profits just as SEO and PPC services are now. Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity at the beginning and you will benefit immensely.

The DBD.NET Private Label reseller program allow you to provide companies with low cost audience targeting and servies using your company's branding.

As a DBD.NET Reseller, you will get the following:

  1. The DBD.NET Private Label reseller program allows you to provide the companies with your SEO company or agency with the lowest cost Retargeting services as well as Audience Targeting services under your own Private Label.
  2. Millions of small and midsize businesses desperately need this service worldwide. The facts show that there are over 23 million businesses in the United States. 22 million of this businesses are small and midsize businesses. Currently, nobody is offering this powerful advertising technology to them. This extremely profitable market is open for you.
  3. Through our unique Audience Targeting platform, your business can sell unlimited highly-targeted traffic at prices that are up to 700% LOWER than using banner advertising and PPC from Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  4. Selling Audience Targeting and Retargeting is the perfect supplement or replacement for selling SEO services. Eliminate Google and the rest of your search engines from your worries and there will be no need to worry about high rankings for your clients to be happy and profitable. You will now provide your clients with two powerful advertising services that your clients desperately want and need.
  5. Currently there are over 500 million websites (worldwide) that need Audience Targeting and Retargeting services. Now that SEO is not cost effective and has destroyed several well positioned websites with Google's algorithm changes, Retargeting and Audience Targeting are the new marketing platforms these websites need to use to drive highly targeted traffic and generate leads, sales and profits.
  6. Our private label program allows your business to sell our services directly through your own business/brand name. Your direct customers will not even know we exist. In fact, it will look like your company developed the entire system.
  7. Your business can provide these Retargeting and Audience Targeting services directly to your customers as a supplement to your current services or as a standalone service.
  8. You have the ability to markup our prices and charge your clients whatever you want.
  9. Your clients will pay you directly, therefore there will be no interaction with us and you don't have to wait for payments.
  10. There is no maximum clients that you can have. You can build up to thousands of clients
  11. You have complete anonymity. We provide you with private label code that does not show our company name within the code. There is no other company that is doing this.
  12. You can provide your clients with extensive and customized reporting where your clients can view impressions, clicks and other campaign details to further optimize their campaigns. These reports are white-label, and do not contain our name or branding.
  13. We will continue to provide you with ongoing training and education so that you may maximize your sales and profits and help clients do the same. Everything we do is designed to help you and your clients achieve greater profits.
  14. Your clients can scale up or down as their budget and profits dictate. There is no maximum or minimum spend.
  15. You will receive and have access to all of our marketing materials including our marketing documentation of worksheets, checklists, questionnaires, training videos and webinars.

Don't allow yourself to miss out on this lucrative opportunity

Similar to SEO and PPC, this opportunity will not last forever. You have a unique opportunity to seize and signup hundreds or even thousands of businesses that will benefit from your service and receive great value. The time is now and history is being made. 3 years from now people are going to be stating that they wish they would have gotten into Retargeting and Audience Targeting.

Your opportunity is now.